Cristal Marie

Award-winning Dominican actress, author and singer/ songwriter.

Backstage: Inspiration, Cats, And A Trip To Catalina Island

A post where I talk about normal ocurrences. Life as it happens etc. 

Just random stuff being said blah blah blah, lorem ipsum you know the text it goes on and on and on and are you gonna blah blah or nah what's up are you taking it there? Yeah I don't know just filling in these lines the way I'm feeling it because that's how this goes and that's how I flow.

Once I'm done doing this and my computer manages to process the speed at which I type I'll post it and see how it looks. Eventually add a video at the end of the post showing exactly what I'm talking about or whatever. Or maybe put the video first and then the text talking about what happened that day. If there isn't a video then just a normal every day journal post talking about whatever it is I want to talk about. 



Maybe some audio inspired by the trip. Links to a store or whatever. I don't know yet. Call to action. The song I wrote because of it. Or how I went into the studio and started working on something related to that. Cool stuff. Inside stuff.